Mr. Leonhard

Mr. Leonhard serves as a Market Analyst based out of MarketSpace Capital’s Houston office. His primary responsibilities include financial and econometric modeling for prospective value-add projects and development/redevelopment opportunities. Josh works closely with the Acquisitions team to determine whether prospective opportunities align with MarketSpace Capital’s portfolio and strategic plan.

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Prior to joining MarketSpace Capital, Mr. Leonhard completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics and then joined a Chicago-based medical technology company. He helped grow the company from less than five active accounts to over forty in a span of two years. Josh, as the second employee of the company, worked closely with the founders to standardize firm procedures, including: testing new iterations of software, leading marketing & sales campaigns, adapting the company’s product to fit unique medical office workflows, and transitioning the business model to fit a tele-health platform amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.