*The bar chart is for illustrative purposes only. We have gathered this data from our past projects. In the past, our Average Net IRR has been 28% annually which includes an 8% annual cash return (paid quarterly). We are showcasing what a baseline $100,000 investment would typically earn in cash annually and the total return earned over a 5 year hold. Please note that these numbers are not guaranteed for future results.

Total Acquisitions:


Avg Net IRR:


Assets Under Management:

$200 million

Average Equity Multiple:


Average hold period:

5 Years

Combined experience:

60+ years

Investment Strategy

Primarily focused on investing in apartment buildings, retail centers, and office buildings in high-quality markets nationwide while providing best in class services to its investors, tenants, and employees.

Multi-Family Development

We develop best-in-class multifamily projects in the hottest real estate markets in the United States.

Value-Add Investment

We identify, acquire, manage, stabilize, optimize and divest of cash-flowing properties with value-add investments (like house flippers for commercial real estate).

Attainable Housing

A propriety, data driven econometric approach to developing a quality product that is attainable for middle-class America.

Why Multifamily Development?



Econometric Model

We conduct extensive market research before we expand in an area in order to protect our investment and investors. The key things we look at include a growing population, average median household income, low crime rates, 2% annualized job growth, and a low poverty rate.

Conservative Underwriting

Our focus is on high yield, low risk properties that can guarantee cash flow for our investors. We also believe in diversifying our portfolio in order to insulate against market upcycles and downcycles.

Proven Team & Track Record

Whether it’s between our architects, construction companies, partnerships for development, or our investors, we maintain bonds and treat each other as part of the MarketSpace family. We also maintain a high standard of transparency within our processes, and believe that communication along every step of the way is crucial.

Partner With Us

Are you an accredited partner interested in working with us?

Partner With Us

Are you an accredited partner interested in working with us?