Houston, Tx – November 2nd, 2018

MarketSpace Capital Brings Investors Liquidity and New Ways to Invest in Commercial Real Estate.

MarketSpace Capital, a Houston based private equity real estate firm focusing on ground up retail development, value add opportunities, and direct equity investments, today announced a new fund that makes investing in commercial real estate easier, more flexible, and more accessible throughout the United States.

MarketSpace Capital’s new $100 MM fund focuses on the secondary market for commercial real estate and provides opportunities for individuals and institutions to monetize and manage illiquid holdings. The real estate secondary market has experienced tremendous growth and historically has been one of the highest performers within the commercial real estate sector. With that being said, the challenge for this sector has always been liquidity. MarketSpace Capital intends to provide liquidity solutions with fairness, efficiency, and confidentiality. The firm buys into cash flowing commercial real estate partnerships across the country and will seek to leverage the partner’s core capabilities in enhancing a diversified-asset mix of income producing properties for U.S., as well as non-U.S. based investors.

On the transaction level, we help investors monetize, and on a broader scope, we provide liquidity to an otherwise illiquid market said Sam Affanhe, founder and managing partner at MarketSpace Capital.

With stability, cashflow and capital appreciation as their focus MarketSpace Capital’s plan is to create worthwhile opportunities for their investors and partners. The firm strategically brings together their expertise and capital, with a special focus on direct investments, ground-up developments, and purchasing partnership interest via the secondary market in all commercial retail, multi-family, industrial, medical, and hospitality type assets.

The principals at MarketSpace Capital have on average twenty-five years of experience in the real estate investment industry and continue to explore new technologies and platforms to enhance the marketability of commercial real estate.

About MarketSpace Capital: MarketSpace Capital is a private equity real estate firm that focuses on acquiring direct investments and interests in cash flowing real estate partnerships, serving the secondary market all across the United States. To learn more, visit www.MarketSpace.Capital