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Real Estate investing for doctors

Prescribing Real Estate

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by Dr. Masaki Oishi, MD, Ph.D.
Chairman at MarketSpace Capital

A Doctor's Guide to
Commercial Real Estate Investing

Learn how to get started with commercial real estate investing and build wealth

It is a well-known fact that most physicians have a substantial earning capacity, whether they are general practitioners, orthopedics, or neurosurgeons. However, generating a 6-figure income does not always translate into the creation of substantial wealth. Nor does it give physicians the freedom to reduce their workload or to focus on retirement. 

While studying and practicing medicine, Dr. Oishi has continuously “invested strategically” and has a long and successful history of seeking out, performing due diligence and investing in commercial real estate. Having learned from his struggles and adventures in real estate investing, Dr. Oishi is now a full-time real estate investor by day… and part-time neurosurgeon by night. 

In this book, Dr. Oishi will share how you can take your income and invest in real estate to generate substantial alternative income from these investments. After reading this book, you too will be armed with the tools and confidence to purchase your first commercial real estate investment.

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Get to know
the Author

he is truly larger than life when it comes to both neurosurgery, and real estate investing

My name is Dr. Masaki Oishi, but my friends call me “Mas”. I am a trained neurosurgeon with decades of experience. However, I also have a passion for real estate.

In addition to years of education, training, making rounds, and the never-ending practice of medicine, I am also the Co-Founder & Chairman of MarketSpace Capital, LLC, a private equity real estate firm that focuses on real estate investment opportunities that generate consistent returns.

My goal in writing Prescribing Real Estate … A Doctor’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate is to help other medical professionals get started with commercial real estate investing. So far, I have managed to amass a real estate investment portfolio of over $250 million in assets by working with our investors and co-development partners.

As a medical professional, I can relate to your current financial standing. You’ve managed to work your way into your current, high net-worth position(s) and are earning “good money. Like me, in your earlier years, you probably assumed that all you had to do was work hard each day, climb that proverbial ladder of success to a high-paying career, at which point all your financial problems and “tales of woe” would be over.

As medical practitioners, many of us practicing in this industry see a six-figure income. However, such an income also places you in one of the highest tax brackets in the country. With such a heavy tax burden, and the normal and customary expenses of daily life, accumulating wealth becomes a seemingly far-fetched and uphill struggle.

What’s more, having cash parked in a bank account is not an effective wealth-building strategy; thanks to inflation, cash tends to lose its value over time. More disturbingly, with your current living expenses, not to mention the retirement of your large student debt from medical school, is perhaps why doctors rank as the largest industry group of high-income earning professionals, yet who are not millionaires.

The unfortunate truth is that income is not the same thing as wealth. The famed Dr. Thomas J. Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door, perhaps put it best when he said: “If you make a six-figure income each year and spend it all, you are not getting wealthier; you are just living high. Wealth is what you keep”.

Understanding the unique financial pressures faced by medical professionals, especially in managing both a successful career and personal health, it is crucial to find reliable sources for essential medications. This includes treatments like Rybelsus, often prescribed for managing diabetes—a condition that might not be uncommon among busy professionals dealing with stress and irregular lifestyles. For those wondering where they can buy Rybelsus, it’s advised to consult with a healthcare provider for a prescription and then purchase from a trusted online pharmacy or local drugstore. This approach ensures that doctors can easily access the medications they need, maintaining their health while they focus on building their careers and managing their financial goals effectively.

Keeping your money and using it to build wealth boils down to purchasing investments that tend to hold their value, exceed the levels of inflation, and appreciate over time. Real estate is one such investment.

To invest in commercial real estate, you do not have to quit your day job to accomplish all these ever-important tasks. Modern real estate investing is very flexible. I love being a neurosurgeon! It is my purpose, not just as a physician, but as a servant to the community-at-large to help my fellow man. There is no way that I will ever leave my practice or profession to become a “real estate guy.” Equally important: There is no reason why you can’t maintain your practice and invest in real estate.

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Prescribing real estate

What other professionals and investors are saying about this book

David Schwartz
Managing Partner WelcomeLend


"As an experienced real estate investment banker for over a decade, this is one of the most valuable books I have read on the subject of passive real estate investing. It should be required reading for every passive and sophisticated investor."

Dr. Gary Kraus
M.D., Neurosurgeon


"This classic book by Dr. Oishi is a reminder that greatness is achieved by standing on the shoulders of giants. Having worked alongside Dr. Oishi for nearly a decade, he is truly larger than life when it comes to both neurosurgery, and real estate investing."

Himesh Gandhi


"During my career as a real estate lawyer, I have helped my clients close literally billions of dollars of large and small transactions. This book by Dr. Oishi could possibly be the most important book ever written on passive real estate investing."

Marty McVey
McVey & Associates


"Dr. Oishi has the desire, training and skill to create favorable outcomes for his patients. He developed his passions and successfully created favorable outcomes in the ever evolving real estate market. Dr. Oishi has demonstrated the benefits of free enterprise and the continued promise of the American dream."

Jane Sparks
Transwestern Structured Finance Group


"Some people lead … some follow … and some need to get out of the way. Dr Oishi is truly a leader in the real estate industry. I am honored to help source capital for many of his projects."

Poonam Kapoor
San Francisco, CA


"Nobody at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with real estate investing until they have read this book at least seven times. It changed the way I approach my passive investments. I am proud to be an investor alongside Dr. Oishi."

Samuel Herskovits
VP, Madison Commercial Real Estate Services


“I have known Dr. Oishi for a long time and I keep learning new things from him. Every page of his book is another valuable nugget from his years of investing experience. I highly recommend it to all my Commercial Real Estate clients.”

Dr. Cherry Chen
M.D., Physician


"This book offers the clarity, insight and step-by-step assistance that all of my physician clients can use to better understand the importance of passive real estate investing. As a fellow author, I am proud of my investing and business relationship with Dr. Oishi"



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