You're an Active + Ground up Investor

Although this type of investor may also enjoy reading financial news, they also spend several hours each month watching over investments, and they are often first movers.
This person might want to be involved in every aspect of the investing experience.

Overall, this kind of investor usually takes a more hands-on approach with their investments than the average person. The active investor might be emotionally invested in the process but perhaps restrained enough to not be checking too regularly.

Other traits of the active investor might include:

  • Likes to own only select assets
  • Wants full control over his or her investments
  • Needs to know what investment terms mean
  • Seeks to beat the market

The active investor might have a desire to learn how a property operates and an interest in learning about macroeconomic events—and, perhaps most challenging, they have the fortitude to not simply sell when the market is trending down.

Ground Up Asset: Ground-up development is the construction of a real estate asset completely from scratch. The starting point is either raw, undeveloped land or the complete tear-down of any existing structure. This is one of two general types of construction projects. The other is a renovation, in which contractors rebuild some of the structure’s components, but leaves some or most structural elements intact. With ground up developments, it takes longer to see a distribution, but the project returns tend to be generally higher and allows investors to take advantage of multiple refinancing scenarios.