Director of Operations - Dallas

Taylor Stinnett is the Director of Operations at MarketSpace Capital’s Dallas office. His primary responsibilities include asset management, new development oversight, property acquisitions & process improvement strategies in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. As a licensed real estate broker in Texas, Taylor has developed a strong understanding of commercial real estate through negotiating more than 500 transactions in over 30 different cities throughout the United States. Focusing primarily on commercial brokerage and asset management for the last six years, Taylor has an upper hand when applying that knowledge to MarketSpace’s Strategic Plan.

Before joining MarketSpace Capital, Taylor was an Asset Manager and Broker at Woodcrest Capital, a Private Equity firm that focused on acquisition and leasing for value-add Commercial Real Estate. Taylor monitored the financial health of 40+ properties in 15 different states. With a background in commercial construction, Taylor is well-versed in motivating and overseeing personnel to enhance fund performance, increase client satisfaction, and enable sustained growth. While at Woodcrest, Taylor led sales teams both local and out of state with a profit-focused and dedicated mentality.

Taylor oversaw more than $300MM in total assets with consistently high returns and client satisfaction of property performance. Taylor successfully managed lease renewal negotiation and execution for a private Real Estate portfolio with more than 1,200 tenants combined over 4.5 million square feet. Additionally, he has generated over $25,000,000 in new revenue from lease and sale transactions. Over the last decade, he increased occupancy percentage at various types of real estate in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arizona.

Taylor earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Economics from Texas A&M University.