The Tokenization of Real Estate Investing

GUEST SPEAKERS: Solomon Tesfaye & Tyler Harttraft

Guest Speakers:

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Solomon Tesfaye

VP of Business Development and Capital Markets for tZero

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Tyler Harttraft

Partner at Bull Blockchain Law

This event was hosted by MarketSpace Capital's Principals, Dr. Masaki Oishi and Sohail Hassan.

With the arrival of blockchain technology, those in the commercial real estate space are witnessing a transformation that’s expected to expedite the transaction process and bring liquidity to a traditionally illiquid asset class. Join us for an in-depth discussion on the advantages of digitizing private assets.

In this guided conversation by MarketSpace Capital, tZERO and Bull Blockchain Law, we will address topics such as:

  • What is Tokenization and the blockchain?
  • How can blockchain be applied to the real estate industry? 
  • What is the difference between digital securities and cryptocurrencies?
  • What is the advantage of digitizing a private asset and enabling secondary market liquidity?
  • How does blockchain improve transparency in real estate? 

Real estate technology has traditionally been focused on listings and with connecting buyers and sellers. However, given blockchain’s disruption of financial services and subsequent widespread application across industries, it’s hard to find a segment that does not have the potential to be influenced by this technology – which includes real estate. In fact, Blockchain technology introduces new ways to trade real estate and can enable trading platforms and online marketplaces to support real estate transactions more comprehensively.

Join us for an in depth discussion on how real estate investing and liquidity will be changed forever through the use of digital security tokens, Blockchain and how it has the potential to democratize access to private capital markets.



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