Thomas Mathew

Vice President of Acquisitions

Thomas Mathew is Vice President of Acquisitions at MarketSpace Capital. His primary responsibilities include performing underwriting, market assessments and due diligence on property acquisitions and development strategies. Mr. Mathew’s duties include evaluating and assessing potential acquisitions, divestitures, development, and re-development opportunities, and presenting his findings to the Company’s Investment Committee. Additionally, Mr. Mathew uses his Industrial Engineering skillset to develop operating and structural efficiencies to maximize profitability for the Company, its investments, and its investors.

Before joining MarketSpace Capital, Mr. Mathew gained experience implementing complex, enterprise-level solutions for various Fortune 100 companies as a Strategy and Operations Consultant for IBM Global Services. Mr. Mathew was also brought in as an advisor at an impact-based software solution, Corecentra, to help create the go-to market strategies, templatize implementations, as well as formalized the infusion of consulting partners to the business model. Prior to this, Mr. Mathew worked as an Operations Manager at BNSF Railways, where he managed daily operations policy implementations.

As a real estate professional, Mr. Mathew gained experience through the acquisition and growth of his own property portfolio. Mr. Mathew was able to successfully perform over 10 acquisitions during the past 3-years, with a full 50% going full cycle and being sold. Mr. Mathew is committed to utilizing his education, practical and real-life experiences he’s gained from his past roles, to bring immense value to Marketspace Capital and its stakeholders.