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Dr. Oishi, founder of Market Space Capital shares his knowledge, experience and point of view on several important topics related to real estate in order to help you to take better and smarter decisions.

Dr. Oishi is convinced that real estate investing is the best vehicle to build long term wealth. In this video, he explains why you too should be investing in real estate in order to generate passive forms of income.

The most important factors contributing to high returns.

Real estate investing can help you build wealth in many different ways. In this video Dr. Oishi talks about the most important factors that contribute to high returns for investors.

Real estate has significant advantages compared to traditional investments. In this video, Dr. Oishi discusses some of those benefits including leverage, which has the power to significantly improve returns for investors.

Have you wondered about the impacts that the new Biden administration will bring to the real estate investing world? This video explains Dr. Oishi’s analysis of the policy impacts on the economy and home ownership.

Should we be leaning into these headwinds, or should we retreat to the sidelines? Dr. Oishi’s view for multifamily investments is guarded optimism and this video explains his reasoning.

COVID has impacted many real estate asset classes and proven the resilience of others. In this video, Dr. Oishi describes the shift happening within these asset classes and his predictions regarding future real estate trends.