Why Invest in Real Estate?

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Why Invest in REAL ESTATE?

Business has been particularly good this year, and you just know you need to invest that extra profit wisely. You’ve been contemplating diversifying your portfolio for quite a while, and the thought of real estate has crossed your mind ever so often, right? Well, in case you’re still wondering why now would be a good time to do so, have a look at these real and proven advantages of why you should invest in real estate:


A Steady Source of Cash Flow

In addition to all your hard-earned money every month, a sound investment in real estate is a tried and true method of generating extra cash. It enables such a substantial and regular income stream that most people consider real estate to be an excellent investment option. More often than not, this income is passive, thus earning you a tidy profit with little work on your end!

You Retain Control

Compared to other investment options where the stock market may influence value of your money, you are the boss for your real estate deals. Buying and selling is up to you alone, and therefore the success of your portfolio is also in your hands. If you keep a keen eye on the trends, maintain your property in tip-top shape to drive higher values, lay low when needed and then hustle when the time is right, chances are you will have a great sense of financial security!

Tax Advantages

Who doesn’t love these? Imagine being granted sizeable tax advantages for insurance, legal fees, maintenance repairs, and property depreciation by the government. You’ll get to enjoy all these advantages as well as a lower rate of taxation when you invest in real estate.

Inflation Hedge

Yes, we all know prices are going through the roof. The good news is, if you’ve already bought a good piece of real estate, it will probably continue to appreciate in value quietly and steadily over the years! So, no matter how expensive the future looks, given the correct investment, you’ll be more than ready to face it head-on with a solid asset in hand!



What types of property should you invest in?

Depending on whether you want to invest in commercial properties or residential properties, there will be different options for you to consider. Examples of residentials properties would include houses and condos. Examples of commercial real estate investing would be multifamily homes, malls, retail businesses, etc. MarketSpace Capital specializes in multifamily projects; the multifamily commercial real estate market is expanding significantly in Texas markets.


Does it make a difference if you invest in real estate as an individual vs as a business?

Yes, there will be different investing and tax rules for individuals vs businesses. It is important to always consult with your accountant or financial advisor before investing in a property.


Almost convinced but would like more information? Why not drop us a line or give us a call at Market Space Capital. Our team of experts will happily answer your questions and get you started on your exciting first real estate deal. We help doctors invest in multifamily homes.

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